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OUO Diff Cover - Dana 60

SKU: 101540
OUO Diff Cover,
Design .308
Fits Dana 60 Axles in Ford Superdutys 1999+
Does not fit 2002- Dodge and 97- Ford
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OUO Diff Cover,
Design .308
Fits Dana 60 Axles in Ford Superdutys 1999+
Does not fit 2002- Dodge and 97- Ford

Design Features:
-Custom designed cast Aluminum cover
-1 7/8" Fill Plug
-3/4" Magnetic Drain Plug
-3/16 O-Ring Seal
- Max Oil Flow

As usual we were doing some problem solving at One Up Offroad. We were looking for a front differential cover for a customer’s truck. The customer wanted an aluminum cover to run with One Up Offroad’s front axle truss.  We needed it to have an O-ring seal.  The OUO truss mounts between the differential cover and the axle. Not having an O-ring seal meant you had to seal the differential cover to the OUO truss making servicing a hassle.
We looked at many manufacturers for a solution. Unfortunately we ran into a couple of issues finding something that would be functional and would fit the truck. In our research we found out that a lot of aluminum covers do not have an O-ring seal. But the major issue was the thickness of the front covers. The high volume front covers available were just too thick to clear the suspension components of the truck.  I’m sure many of you may have dealt with a similar issue.
So One Up Offroad went to work to provide a solution.

In our research we talked to Engineers at Dana Spicer and asked them why they don’t build high volume differential covers as original equipment. They simply told us that proper oil flow was actually better than having the additional volume of oil.  They were not seeing differential failures due to lack of oil volume.  Nor were they seeing the axles overheat.
Your differential ring gear acts as an oil pump. As many of you know, the clearances on your engine oil pump are critical to maintaining oil pressure in your engine. Your differential works the same way, the pinion bearings need the proper amount of oil flow generated by the ring gear.

To resolve the void in the market we came up with our own differential covers.
The internal design enhances the factory flow characteristics to improve oil delivery to the pinion.
It comes with the largest on the market reusable 3/16” O-ring.
The Cover has a huge easily accessible 1-7/8” fill and inspection hole which negated the need for a dip-stick.  When removed you can actually look inside your differential. 
It has a large ¾” magnetic drain plug with an effective drain system.
The kit comes standard with zinc plated steel bolts and brass washers with an option to upgrade to genuine A-R-P stainless 12 point bolts.
OUO Covers are cast from Alloy Aluminum, then powder coated and then machined with a nice contrast cut. 
This is a slim low-profile design that clears the tie rod, the track rod, and the track rod bracket. The stock stamped steel cover is about the only other cover that we have seen that clears the suspension.
You don’t need to run a truss to run these covers, our Dana 60 cover fits all Ford Super Dutys. 
We also make a matching 10.5” ford corporate rear cover. The rear covers have all the same features as the Front covers
All of the covers fit with or without OUO’s Line of trusses. So if you have a lifted, lowered or stock truck these covers will fit.
Not Just Better, Much Better.
Qty in Stock: 54
Approx Weight: 11.00 lb. / Each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.00 x 14.00 x 4.00 in.


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