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OUO Application Guide
OUO Kits are extremely universal! Use the table below to find common (but certainly not all) applications for our Traction Bar Kits.
This application guide does not include any conversion applications where you can switch from U-Bolts up to U-Bolts down when adding under axle mounts or weld on mounts, this is a just a simple guide to an OE style application with no upgrades or conversions.
The reason for this is because there are infinite number of U-Bolt options on any given brand of truck, since there is no standard we can't tell you that your truck takes a 15 inch U-Bolt. There is no way of knowing what overload, block height, spring pack thickness, aftermarket spring options, top plate, or bottom plate you're running.
The only way to really figure this out is to measure each truck that you're working on to be sure of your starting U-Bolt length.
Since we have 4 ways to mount the bars on most trucks including weld on, front of axle mount, under axle mount, or traction blocks including 9 different block heights the application guide could get very confusing.

If you don't see your truck, or if you don't see an application that you're curious about give us a call and we will help you determine which kit is best for you and your truck.
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